All of our V-Liquids come in 4 different levels of Nicotine: 0mg, 8mg, 16mg, 24mg

Our Fluid comes in two sizes a 15ml bottle is $12.99 and a 30ml bottle is $19.99

Fruit Flavors

Blue Water Punch

A signature hand mixed flavor created in the Volcano Vapor Bar. A mix of Blueberry, Watermelon, and Fruit punch creates a nice sweet aftertaste that will have you begging for more. Made right here in the USA!


Jungle Fruit

Get a slice of your favorite juicy bubble gum that everyone knows and loves with every puff of our signature Jungle Fruit eliquid.


Waikiki Watermelon

Our newly crafted Waikiki Watermelon flavor is hand mixed here in the USA will have your mouth dripping juiciest slice of Waikiki watermelon. Our watermelon flavored V-Liquid will transport you to the bluest oceans of Oahu with every puff!

  Pear - a - Dise

Take a trip to "Pearadise" with our new pear flavored eLiquid. Pearadise is a subtle and sweet pear fruit flavor that is another great mixer for other flavors. This flavor is one of the top sellers in our retail stores and is a staple flavor many folks ask to test out before purchasing their first eCig.

Grape Escape

A vaping staple...Grape has quickly become a go-to flavor for many vapers looking for a sweet yet mildly tart after taste. Our take on the grape flavor tends more towards the candy side of flavorings and is a nice mix that is not too overbearing. We'll call it the sweet spot. Give Grape Escape a try today and plan your get away!

  Shaka Strawberry

All that's missing from this lovely new flavor is the whipped cream and chocolate! Give Shaka strawberry a try today and send us a pic of your shaka on the forum!



Looking for a sweet and tart apple flavored vape? Well our Aloha Apple flavor is a great representation of a Jolly Rancher sour apple flavor that will have your face in a squeeze and your tastebuds doing the tango!

  Pineapple Punch

Our newly crafted Pineapple Punch flavor hand mixed here in the USA will have your tongue rolling in the tangy tartness of a sweet north shore grown pineapple! This flavor is perfect for those who are looking for a slice of paradise!

Bonzai Banana

Our new Bonzai Banana flavor is a great candied banana flavor and is a very close representation of a banana flavored runt candy. A near perfect mixer with our Cherry Lava and Grape Escape flavors!

  CooCoo Coconut

Our newly crafted Coocoo Coconut flavor is hand mixed here in the USA will have you thinking you are sipping on an ice cold coconut bought from a street-side vendor in the tropics. This is another flavor perfect for those who are looking for a slice of paradise!

Kawika's Kiwi

The perfect blend of sweet and tangy.  Kawika's Kiwi is a great recreation of your favorite green fruit!

  Pipeline Peach

Our new Pipeline Peach flavor will wipe you out! Throw some in your barrel too and you'll be bowled over!

Pele's Papaya

A spot on recreation of your favorite breakfast fruit...Pele's papaya is one of the best creations we've ever come up with!

  Hula Punch

A signature hand mixed flavor created in the Volcano Vapor Bar in Hawaii. This flavor contains a mix of ?, ?, & more ? that creates a smooth and sweet ? flavor.

Tobacco Flavors


A perfect blend of flavorings to emulate the classic taste of a traditional tobacco cigarette grown in the hills of the heartland. Made right here in the USA.


Tobacco Pure

Tobacco flavoring in it's purest form. Our Tobacco Pure flavor is derived from actual tobacco leaves and is the best representation of a true analog tobacco cigarette you will find anywhere.


Our take on a vaping classic. Ry-Four was the first flavor ever created for vaping and is a classic mixture of tobacco, vanilla, and caramel. Try one out today if you are a tobacco lover and you wont be disappointed!


Make your own flavors

You can mix and match the different flavors to make your own V-Liquid creations. There is a little mad scientist in all of us. Use it to create your own exciting flavors. If you come up with a cool new flavor combination, share it with our store personnel. We are always looking for new combinations to try out.

Coffee Flavors

Kona Coffee

Our newly crafted Kona Coffee flavor is hand mixed here in the USA and will transport you to the foggy hills of Kailua Kona with every drop. We took our inspiration for this unique flavor from the big island of Hawaii where some of the best coffee beans in the world are grown.


Hawaiian Expresso

Inspiration for this new coffee based flavor was taken from the Volcano Vapor Cafe in Waikiki, HI. Our Hawaiian Espresso flavor produces a thick, aromatic coffee flavor that is subtly sweet, yet nice and spicy like a good cup of espresso should be!



Looking for that minty, top of the mountain flavor? Our signature menthol will give you that crisp refreshing feeling you’ve been searching for. Made right here in the USA!


Menthol Burst

Menthol Mintyness to the MAX! If it were possible to vape a breath mint, this is what it would taste like. Our new Menthol Burst flavor is an extreme flavor really meant for mixing with other flavors to give it a minty kick.

Other Flavors

Red Hot Lava

Another classic candy flavor mixed especially for the cinnamon lovers. Our Red Hot Lava is a very close representation of the similarly named candies we all enjoyed as kids. Try this flavor out for a nice spicy exhale or mix with other flavors to get a nice cinnamon kick!

  Mauna Dew

A cool creation that will take you to the extreme just like the similarly named beverage. Our new Mauna Dew flavor is a spot on re-creation and is widely accepted as one of the best flavors amongst experienced vapers.

ChocoNilla Haze

A signature flavor at the Volcano Vapor Bar. A mix of Chocolate, Vanilla, & Hazelnut creates a smooth and luxurious desert flavor that will make you feel guilty of indulging in the sin of sweets! Made right here in the USA!

  Lahaina Lychee

A truly tropical treat! Our Lahaina Lychee is a great mix of sweet and earth tones.

Vanilla Bean

Our newly crafted Vanilla Bean flavor is hand mixed here in the USA will have your mouth watering with the sweet and creamy Vanilla Bean flavor. Get transported to your favorite ice cream parlor with every exhale!

  Cherry Lava

Our newly crafted Cherry Lava flavor hand mixed here in the USA will remind you of a bowl of your favorite hard cherry candies! This is about as good as it gets folks! Try a bottle today and you too will become a believer!

Cotton Candy

A fairly sweet vape with a tart after taste that will take you back to the days of traveling carnivals. Try our new Cotton Candy flavored vape and be transported back to the days of your youth!

  Sweet Tart

A tasty treat that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Our Sweet Tart flavor is the exact representation of the candy with the same name and is a vaping delight.

Sharks Clove

A spicy delight that's been around in leafy form for centuries has now been brought to you in liquid form.  Our Sharks Clove is a smashing rendition of traditional clove flavors and will be sure to put you in a state of nirvana with every puff!

  Milk Chocolate

Our newly crafted Milk Chocolate flavor was hand mixed here in the USA and It'll make you want to throw away all those candy bars you been hoarding in the cupboard! This is about as good as it gets folks! Try a bottle today and you too will become a believer!

Maui Mango

From the foggy hills of Maui comes one of our most signature flavors, Maui Mango. Sweet with a sense of tangy freshness. Pick one up and use this flavor to create a signature mix of your own or enjoy it all by its' self!

  Surfer Soda

Our new Surfer Soda flavor perfectly recreates the flavor of a classic Coca Cola soft drink. Mix it with our Cherry Lava for an awesome cherry coke flavor or make you're own creation. A great vape mixer or even better on its own! Give Surfer Soda a try today and enjoy the waves of vapor!

Red Wings

It's the flavor that gives you wings! That's right folks, our new Red Wings flavor which is a representation of a popular energy drink will have you soaring through the clouds and coming back for more!

  Make your own flavors

Piña Volada is a recreation of one of our favorite alchoholic drinks here in Hawaii, a Piña Colada! A perfectly blended mix of our Pineapple Punch, Vanilla Bean and Coocoo Coconut flavors. A truly signature mix that will transport you to your dream vacation spot with every puff!